We are a young active airsoft team, in beautiful Baden-Württemberg as well in reknown Bayern.
We play out of passion and enjoy the cause. For us it is not about winning or losing, but more about the good times one spend with friends.
Most of us come from the Ulm area.
The members of the team are open-minded and down-to-earth people - from the student to the CEO, everything is represented.
We place great emphasis on fairness and humanity. As a result, good friendships have developed over the past years and others have even been strengthened.
Our great commitment is reflected in our internal events as well on public occasions.
Our association is characterized by our open-minded approach and by a consistent strive for improvement.
We strengthen our cohesion through our monthly events and other activities. The fun in our sport is comperative for us.

Terrain: Airsoft Park Tirol (Well known as Urban Area), Fort de Chateau-Lambert (Bear's Head) and others in Germany or abroad.
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